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About us

Baseresult Holdings Limited (BHL) bought South Crofty in June 2001.  In November 2007, the company completed a joint venture with Cassiterite LP, majority owned by Galena Asset Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of global commodity trader Trafigura Beheer, and the joint venture partners formed Western United Mines Limited to be the mine owner and operator.  In November 2011, Canada-based Celeste Copper Corporation acquired an initial 19 per cent interest in the Project with options to earn a greater interest by further investment.

Our mission

• To re-establish mining operations at South Crofty and produce tin, copper and zinc, as well as other minerals found in economic quantities

•  To develop a 21st century mine that utilises modern equipment and techniques in its operations and achieves all levels of current health, safety and environmental standards

•  To  adopt policies that avoid the economic boom and bust cycle that historically prevailed at South Crofty

•  To develop a flagship mine operation of which local people can be proud – creating around 200 full-time, well-paid jobs and making a significant contribution to the local economy


For an exact reference of our location please click here for a Google Map